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About Corfee Stone & Associates

CORFEE STONE & ASSOCIATES (CSA) is the leading law firm in Northern California that exclusively practices 3 niche areas of the law:

  1. ADA Access/Civil Unruh Act/Disabled Persons Act (Defense Only)
  2. Employment Law (Defense/Plaintiff)
  3. Fair Housing Law (Defense/Plaintiff)

Our firm exclusively practices civil rights litigation, and offers pre-lawsuit advice to potentially prevent a lawsuit.  Ms. Catherine Corfee has had significant achievement in the field of law.  She previously worked as a staff attorney at the United States District Court Eastern District of California for two U.S. Magistrate Judges.  There, she helped research and write the Court’s orders and decisions, which gave her a bird’s eye view for how the Federal courts handle litigation. She graduated with distinction from McGeorge School of Law, served on the McGeorge School of Law Journal as a Legislative Staff Review Writer, was a member of the Traynor Honor Society (high grades), and received an Am Jur Award (highest grade in a class). Prior to that, Ms. Corfee attended and graduated from U.C. Berkley. Ms. Corfee made new law in the area of ADA access with many of her cases being published, especially Pickern v. Best Western Timber Cove Lodge Marina, 194. F.Supp2d 1128, (E.D. Cal. 2002), which was followed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Doug Wander v. Jack S. Kaus Irene B. Kaus, 304 F.3d 856 (9th Cir. 2002) (citing Pickern v. Best Western Timber Cove Lodge Marina).


  • ADA Access Law – We perform ADA/Title 24 site surveys and provide our recommendations in confidential reports which include solutions, alternative solutions, your defenses, a legal analysis of law with respect to your legal exposure and/or of your lawsuit in particular.  Our expertise and experience involves Federal and California state law regarding reasonable accommodations, barrier removal, the readily achievable standard, the alteration standard and new construction.  We help find you vendors, products and/or equipment and recommend strategies.  For More information see Corfee Stone’s Blog.
  • Employment Law - We limit our practice to civil rights litigation and proactive advice with respect to  all facets of employment law, including but not limited to wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, drug & alcohol testing, trade secret agreements, family leave, pregnancy law, public policy, etc.  Corfee Stone investigates sexual harassment claims, conducts audits and helps you set up your company with handbooks, proper payment methods, classifying employees, having the correct posted notices, and so forth.
  • Fair Housing Law – Corfee Stone defends housing accommodations against claims of failure to reasonably accommodate disabled applicants and/or residents.  We also handle matters on both sides (plaintiffs and defendants) with respect to discrimination, harassment, evictions, landlord/tenant matters, etc.  The firm had deal with “testers” trying to test housing accommodations for disability discrimination and whether or not they fail to reasonably accommodate and/or provide the same amentities.  We have defended Apartments, Condominium Associations, Timeshares, business-lease arrangements, and other similar housing entities. 

Corfee Stone & Associates handles complex litigation, Federal and State court cases, Administrative Hearings (EDD, DFEH, Labor Code Sec. 132a/Workers’ Compensation, Labor Board), class actions, appeals and writs of mandates in our three areas of practices. It is our passion and dedication to your victory and resolution lends some sense of security in a litigious society where everything is but calming.

For the employer who needs advice? Corfee Stone helps new and existing employers  with work issues.  Clients often call us  for advice regarding all facets of employment law.  We help properly classify your employees as  salary (exempt from over time), hourly (non-exempt entitled to overtime) and/or  independent contractors.  Misclassifying  workers can expose employers to significant penalties if they are audited by  the EDD (Employment Development Department) and/or face an expensive lawsuit.  We prepare and/or revise handbooks, and help  employers get started.  More importantly,  when issues arise, our clients contact us for advice on the spot when the issue  arises.  We offer flat negotiated rates  per month and/or we are hourly.  Contact  Ms. Corfee for further questions.   916-487-5441.

For the employee who needs advice? Corfee Stone occasionally represents employees  who have been wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, not been paid  fairly and/or harassed.  We have helped  many employees who were not paid correctly under Federal and California State  wage and hour laws, as well as being denied jobs or the continuation of jobs  based on retaliation.  We do not always  sue and many employees want to keep their employment so we try to assist in a  win-win resolution.  Contact Catherine Corfee at 916-487-5441.

Corfee Stone & Associates Practice Areas 

ADA Attorney Sacramento practicing Employment LawEmployment Law. One area of our practice includes employment law advice, defending wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, violations of public policy, unfair competition, wage and hour disputes, and other similar employment-related lawsuits. We advise as well as defend against ADA disability discrimination claims, requests for reasonable accommodations, substance/alcohol abuse and testing matters, privacy issues, federal and state family leave law, trade secrets, non-competition agreements, and more. CSA also advises employers regarding policies and practices to encourage positive employee relations in order to potentially avoid litigation.

ADA Attorney Sacramento practicing ADA Handicap AccessADA Handicap Access. Corfee Stone & Associates provides advice regarding handicap accessibility to owners and operators of businesses, landlords, and tenants. We have significant knowledge regarding state and federal disabled access codes, including, but not limited to, restrooms, parking lots, path of travel issues, and interior/exterior access and can survey your building for compliance with these codes. See our case list for a sample of the types of businesses we have represented. We also handle ADA issues regarding leases between landlords and tenants. See our “In the News” articles regarding the ADA.

ADA Attorney Sacramento practicing Fair Housing LawFair Housing Law. CSA defends homeowner associations, apartment housing owners/tenants, and others, regarding tenant and/or homeowner issues. We have successfully defended, advised and trained housing accommodations in the area of fair housing law.

ADA Attorney SacramentoBy Exclusively Focusing on these three areas of law and acquiring special knowledge of the commonalities between these civil rights disciplines, we can offer our clients creativity and insight into the most effective legal positions it takes to win cases.