MAN LOOKINGIf you are unsure if your business is ADA complaint give us a call. We can come out to your business and do a site inspection and inform you of basic ADA requirements for small businesses that provide goods and services to the public. If your business is not complaint we will advise you of the necessary steps you need to take to bring it into compliance. By law an individual who is denied access to a business is entitled to a MINIMUM of $4,000 per violation. Do not wait until you get sued before taking the appropriate steps to update your facility. You are eligible for tax credits for any access improvements you make.

Corfee Stone & Associates (CSA) is unique in that the attorneys perform their own ADA Site Inspections to potentially protect your business from an ADA Lawsuit. We have extensive knowledge and experience litigation the ADA and its codes, the defenses/exemptions, and also how the Courts are interpreting them, unlike other ADA experts and CASps, who are not ADA attorneys.

Our reports are protected by the attorney-client privilege. After you perform our recommendations, then we select you a good experienced CASp to prepare you’re A + report after any mistakes/oversights are corrected.

CSA performs global surveys with knowledge of how the codes apply, solutions that could work, changes that do not need to be made per the case law and our experienced litigation of ADA law. Proactive work may help you to potentially avoid an ADA lawsuit. Our ADA Inspections includes any one or all of the following depending on your needs:

Performing an ADA site inspection and applying the applicable Federal and California    Access   Codes