At Corfee Stone, we are attorneys actively litigating ADA access cases filed against public accommodations, businesses, landlords, tenants, timeshares, homeowners associations, sole proprietors, corporations, apartment complexes, etc. We generally know opposing counsel and their clients/plaintiffs suing, and the judges. If not, we research your judge’s prior decisions. Ms. Catherine Corfee worked as a staff attorney at the United States Eastern District Court of California in Sacramento.

Measuring for codes compliance is one thing, but knowing your defenses, alternative solutions and the judges’ interpretations of the access codes are far more critical.

Whether or not you have been sued, Corfee Stone can help you potentially avoid a lawsuit and/or defend you if one has been filed. We survey the interior, and exteriors of your facility as a global site survey to try to avoid copy-cat plaintiffs in the future. Settling one action does not immunize you against future ADA lawsuits. Our work includes reviewing your facility’s permit history to analyzing if there has been an alteration to analyze potential liability, if any under the alteration and new construction theories of the ADA. We provide surveys pursuant to the three legal standards that could apply to you: (1) readily achievable standard applicable to an existing facility; (2) altered facilities; and/or (3) new construction. We recommend strategies to potentially mitigate against the skyrocketing attorneys’ fees game that opposing counsel will likely play in demanding settlement, in a motion and/or at trial.

Our reports are far distinct from non-attorney Expert and CASp reports. It is easy to take the code and tell you to comply. However, as litigators of the ADA defending businesses for years we know the Court’s interpretation of the codes, your defenses, and alternative solutions. We analyze the law as it applies to our particular facility. Corfee Stone has often had to review other ADA expert reports which did not identify certain access elements, were confusing, and/or to too expensive to implement. Since landlords and tenants are joint and severally liable, we factor this into account in our legal analysis.

If you desire to prevent an ADA lawsuit, are in a lawsuit, and/or want to meet with us to ask questions about ADA/Title 24 compliance, please contact Ms. Catherine Corfee at 916-487-5441 for a confidential meeting.