Fair Housing



Tenant sued Homeowners Association for Failure to Accommodate His Support Animal under the Fair Housing Act



Real Case: In 2010, Carlo Giménez Bianco (Giménez) asked the Board of Directors of the Castillo Condominium Association (Castillo Condominium or the Association) for permission to keep an emotional support animal in his condominium unit to help him cope with his depression and anxiety. Despite providing evidence from his treating psychiatrist, the HOA refused to allow Giménez to keep the animal and made clear it would fine him $100/month unless he removed the dog from his unit. As a result, Giménez was forced to move out of the condominium that had been his home for 15 years. Gimenez filed a complaint and it was determined that the Fair Housing Act had been violated.

Example of a Limitation of a Major Life Activity. In one case, the disabled plaintiffs long history of anxiety and depression were considered at least two of the plaintiffs major life activities: sleeping and interacting with others. life


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