Catherine Corfee is a principal of Corfee Stone & Associates. She has extensive experience in defending ADA wrongful termination cases, handling employment harassment and discrimination claims and providing preventative advice to employers of all sizes. Her emphasis also includes defending businesses against disabled access lawsuits. Ms. Corfee defends homeowner€™s associations, and apartment complexes, etc. regarding housing discrimination claims.

Ms. Corfee has defended many businesses, including hotels, motels, restaurants, resorts, shopping malls, bowling alleys, RV automotive centers, coffee houses, fast food restaurants, movie theaters, law firms, attorneys, landlords, tenants, trusts, homeowners associations and more. Her practice also includes representing Plaintiffs regarding employment related disputes. This provides her with superior insight since she also primarily defends employers. Knowing both angles of employment law distinguishes her from attorneys who solely defend employers or employees.


Ms. Corfee€™s expertise is enhanced by her background service to working with two United States Federal Magistrate Judges in the Federal Eastern District Court. She has a bird€™s eye view of court room operations which lends to her wisdom regarding trial strategy and case management.

Ms. Corfee appears regularly in state and federal court. She has conducted trails in administrative forums such as the Department of Fair Employment and Housing Commission, before the Labor Board, and in the Workers Compensation arena. Ms. Corfee has experience in state and federal appellate work as well.



Prior to founding the firm, Ms. Corfee was a partner at Cook Brown, LLP., exclusively representing employers regarding employment law matters and defending businesses against ADA access claims. Before that, she worked for the nation wide firm of Littler, Mendelson, practicing labor and employment law. Prior to that, Ms. Corfee worked for two U.S. Federal Magistrate Judges in the Eastern District, U.S. Federal Court, and later entered private practice in the field of labor and employment law. In 1993, she authored an article entitled, "Wage Fixing and Potential Anti-Trust Liability," which was published in the California Labor and Employment Law Quarterly.

The Sacramento Business Journal and Sacramento Bee regularly publishes her employment related or ADA access articles. She is often in the newspaper because of her test cases that she has recently been handling. Ms. Corfee presents informational seminars concerning access issues to organizations such as the California Restaurant Association, the Sacramento Hotel Association, the South Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce, and the South Lake Tahoe Lodging Association.



Ms. Corfee received her B.A. degree from the University of California, Berkeley in 1985, and her J.D. "with Distinction" from McGeorge School of Law in 1990. During law school, she was a staff writer for the Pacific Law Journal. She received an American Jurisprudence Award in the Class of Decedents, Estates & Trust, and she belonged to the Traynor Society for her high achievement.

Ms. Corfee is admitted to practice law before all state courts in California. She is also licensed to practice before the federal district courts, including the Eastern, Northern Central and Southern Districts. Ms. Corfee is a member of the Rotary Club of Sacramento. She is also a member of the Sacramento Society Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) Capital Campaign.




CORFEE STONE & ASSOCIATES (CSA) is the leading law firm in California that exclusively practices three (3) niche areas of the law regarding discrimination relating to Public Accommodations, Employment and Housing:

  1. ADA Disabled Access/California Civil Unruh Act/Disabled Persons Act
  2. Employment Law (Defense/Plaintiff)
  3. Fair Housing Discrimination and Disabled Access Law (Defense/Plaintiff)

BACKGROUND OF CATHERINE M. CORFEE ESQ. Ms. Catherine  Corfee has had significant achievement in the field of law.  She  previously worked as a staff attorney at the United States District  Court Eastern District of California for two United States Magistrate Judges.  There, she helped research and write the Court€’s orders and decisions,  which gave her a bird€’s eye view for how the Federal courts handle litigation. She graduated with distinction from McGeorge School of Law, served on the McGeorge School of Law Journal as a Legislative Staff Review Writer, was a member of the Traynor Honor Society (high grades), and  received an Am Jur Award (highest grade in a class). Prior to that, Ms.  Corfee  graduated from U.C. Berkley. She has been practicing Employment Law, ADA Access and Fair Housing for over 20 years.

Ms. Corfee developed new case law interpretation of the ADA access, and many of her cases having been published, which is rare and not easy for attorneys to accomplish.  For example, Pickern v. Best Western Timber Cove Lodge Marina, 194. F.Supp2d 1128, (E.D. Cal. 2002) broke ground for new law, and it was followed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Doug Wander v. Jack S. Kaus Irene B. Kaus, 304 F.3d 856 (9th Cir. 2002) (citing Pickern v. Best Western Timber Cove Lodge Marina).

Corfeeee Stone & Associates handles complex litigation, Federal and State court cases, Administrative Hearings, class actions, appeals and  writs of mandates in our three niche practice areas. It is our passion and dedication to your victory and resolution that lends some sense of security  in a litigious society where everything is all but calming.