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Additionally, the Department of Justice clarified the definition of a fixed lift, stating that the critical issue is whether the lift is attached to the pool deck or apron in some way. Thus, a portable lift may be considered a fixed lift as long as the lift is attached to the pool deck. This is an important clarification because, initially, there was some confusion over whether a lift that was portable in any way could satisfy the 2010 Standards.

There are some defenses under the law, which Ms. Corfee has litigated, and of which she is aware.  Ms. Corfee has defended hotels.  The ADA also requires business to have a policy and procedure for your establishment and owners to address the needs of your disabled customers.

Do you have an ADA policy and procedure manual?  Are your employees informed about your policies and procedures when dealing with disabled customers?  Does your manual discuss your pool lift?

Ms. Corfee will write your ADA policy and procedure manual, inspect your site for ADA compliance, and conduct an educational seminar for your employees, all in an attempt to help you prevent possible future ADA lawsuits. 

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