THERESA BROOKE – Arizona Resident


Serial plaintiff Theresa Brooke is filing ADA accessibility lawsuits up and down California.  Since 2016, Theresa Brooke opened the gates of hell on businesses for accessibility lawsuits. Theresa has personally sued more than 100 hotels for failing to install wheelchair accessible pool and spa lifts.

ADA attorney Catherine Corfee, Esq. has recently defended hotels against her and her attorney, Peter K. Strojnik. They mostly want to settle. For the past eighteen months Theresa and her counsel, Strojnik, have been targeting California hotels, filing hundreds of “pool and spa lift” lawsuits.

Several hotel owners and operators have reported to Ms. Corfee that she never went there. Some California courts questioned this, but Theresa and her counsel Strojnik have found loops holes on hotel websites indicating there are no Handicap accessibility options. DO NOT BE NEXT!


SCOTT JOHNSON – California, Carmichael area Resident


Serial plaintiff Scott Johnson is filing ADA accessibility lawsuits in Northern and Eastern districts of California. He is an attorney! He has a law firm, which he uses to help prosecute his claims. His range of businesses to sue has no limits!! He sues any business from liquor stores, restaurants, gas stations, donut shops, soft porn stores to a psychic! He alleges he visits the business approximately 2 to 5 times over a course of a year. He then waits a year, and then files a lawsuit. The business never sees it coming.He has it down to an art.

He will visit businesses on the SAME STREET, during the SAME MONTHS! He is strategic when he files lawsuits because of their close proximity.

Catherine Corfee has handled over 100 cases defending the businesses that Scott Johnson sues. Scott Johnson and his counsel, Center for Disability Access, file anywhere from approximately 5 to 10 lawsuits a week. During 2012, four employees who work for Scott Johnson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in Sacramento Superior Court. Click the link for the sexual harassment case. . One of his former employees involved in the sexual harassment case discovered how he plans, maps out, and executes drive-bys with a checklist of set businesses that he will file ADA lawsuits against. He goes out looking for businesses that might have an imperfection with the ADA and then he sues claiming that he was injured and he suffered emotional distress and discrimination. He is entitled to recover $4,000 per visit, plus attorney’s fees and costs if he prevails. He is raiding mom-and-pop businesses, including midsize businesses.

Ms. Corfee was interviewed by San Francisco’s CBS Local news channel regarding the extremity of Scott Johnson and opposing counsel. Click the link below for more information.


BRENDA PICKERN – California Resident


Serial plaintiff Brenda Pickern is filing ADA accessibility lawsuits in Eastern districts of California. Brenda Pickern uses her visually impaired and mobility-impaired disability to target businesses, hotels, and mom and pop shops who do not have knowledge about ADA law and the requirements expected of a business. Her counsel, Thomas Frankovich and Amanda Lockhart, are frequent filers. Ms. Corfee has dealt with Brenda Pickern since the 90’s. In a battling five year span Ms. Corfee has one published case law prevailing against Frankovich which established precedent in ADA.  Click on the link for the full case and its details


PAMELA KOUSSA – California, Napa Area Resident


Pamela Koussa, a disabled woman who uses a wheel chair, has placed Napa and its surrounding areas on her hit list for ADA lawsuits. Pamela Koussa and her counsel, Center for Disability Access, more commonly known as Potter Handy located in San Diego have terrorized Napa Valley. In all of her lawsuits Koussa claims the same thing; she that she was discriminated against because of barriers, namely parking, and these barriers allegedly prevented her from enjoying the facility on a full and equal basis as a non-disabled patron.

Since 2014 to approximately July 2017, Ms. Koussa has filed 40 ADA lawsuits in Federal Court.  According to the Federal Court’s Pacer Case Locator system, in September 2016 alone, she went on a shopping spree filing 14 ADA lawsuits. Koussa targets businesses on the same street regardless of its relation. If you are a business owner and located in Napa Valley and its surrounding areas and are not sure what the American’s with Disabilities Act requires of your business contact Ms. Corfee. DO NOT BE ON THE HIT LIST!