Corfee Stone and Associates is dedicated to keeping employers up to date with new laws that may have an impact on their company and also by making sure businesses are up to date with ADA access laws to possibly  prevent business from being sued by disabled patrons or potential  employees. In doing such Corfee Stone and Associates provides the  following classes.


Human Resource Compliance Checklist - For a comprehensive Human Resource compliance audit to have a checklist of documents and forms employers need please see here. Every employer should consider the checklist and other issues regarding employment law. Corfee Stone & Associates offers to its clients  special audits of your facilities. We go into your business and audit it for compliance with many California labor codes. If interested, please  call Catherine Corfee at (916)487-5441.

Sexual Harassment Training - In 2005 bill AB 1825  was passed adding section 12950.1 to the Government Code which requires  employers with 50 or more employees to provide 2 hours of sexual  harassment training and education to all supervisor employees once every 2 years, after January 1, 2006. Click here for more information on this bill and the class offered.

ADA Access

New Cutting Edge ADA Access Developments  Ms. Corfee is available to speak about new cutting edge ADA access legal developments that have occurred this year. Click here for more information.

ADA Access Compliance & Surveys Is your business complaint with the Americans with Disabilities Act?  Don't wait until you get sued to find out. Corfee Stone are ADA  attorneys and will survey your site for ADA and Title 24 CBC doe  compliance. Click here for more information.