Sacramento ADA Defense AttorneyMore government regulation is on the rise for California employers concerning required benefits that they must provide to employees. It was once thought that Unions were to protect the workers, however, now the government has stepped in to drive up the costs of doing business in California. The new law, AB 1522, becomes effective 7-1-15 and requires every California employer to provide at least three paid sick days per year. An employee accrues 1 hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked. To qualify, an employee must have worked at least 30 days. There is no small employer exemption.  If you have one employee, who is even part-time, you must provide him or her with this benefit after he or she has worked 30 days.  It applies to all full-time, part-time, seasonal and migrant workers.  The sick pay is the hourly wage, commission and/or piece rate that the employee normally earns. Unused sick pay rolls over into the next year, however, an employer may cap paid sick leave to no more than 48 hours or 6 days.

If you already provide paid sick leave that is equal to or greater than the three days, then you are not required to provide additional days. An Employer is not required to pay out unused accrued sick leave upon termination, resignation and/or separation from employment.  It is suggested that you create and/or revise your paid sick leave policy in your handbook and/or new orientation package.  Corfee Stone has a new paid sick leave policy for $45.00.  Call 916-487-5441 (Credit Card accepted)

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